Quality wood, crafty designs and excellent craftsmanship!
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Wooden furniture that is fit for a palace!

Our wooden furniture is unique and priceless!

Welcome to The best wooden furniture available from Westwood Furniture!

Advantages of Having Wooden Furniture

Are you:


- Looking for a nice wooden table for your garden?
- Looking to buy wooden furniture of the best quality?
- Searching for a website that can provide you tools for all your DIY adventures?


If you want to decorate your house with the best furniture made of wood then this website is one to watch for you. You will find the most craftily made wooden furniture here and will also get the chance to select from a wide range of furniture items that have all been made from the finest wood. 


Wood was the first material that was used by man for making furniture items and to this day it remains the most versatile. Having wooden furniture has a number of advantages to offer for you. The most important of which is its durability. No other material used for manufacturing furniture has the strength to match that of wood. Moreover, wood is by far the easiest material to modify as well. Furniture made from wood can given a new look as well by simply staining it or changing its colour. Wooden furniture is extremely easy to maintain too. Wipe the surface with a cloth and your furniture is going to look as if it is brand new! You won’t even have to worry about rust damaging the surface of your chairs or tables either which is one of the drawbacks of furniture made from aluminium or wrought iron.


Wood has a uniqueness to it that makes the furniture made from it appear more regal and give your room a royal outlook. The value of a room rises if you keep wooden furniture alongside furniture made of from other materials. Even though the initial cost of wooden furniture might be a bit high but its durability means that your investment would not go to waste! 


Another of the benefits that come with choosing wooden furniture is that you can put it together yourself. The flat-packs which are essentially ready-made furniture can be used for assembling furniture with ease. Wood is the only material that even a layman can use for his DIY projects as well. Since it is easy to handle, you can get creative with wood and design and make your furniture for yourself, a feat that you can never accomplish using any other material. 

What Can Westwood Furniture Offer You

When you buy wooden furniture the most difficult thing to ascertain is whether the wood used in the making of the furniture is durable or not. If you have difficulty in determining the quality of wood then Westwood Furniture can come to your aid. We guarantee that the furniture available at our website is made of solid wood and is going to last your lifetime! We have the most stylish and beautifully made wooden furniture that is designed by the best wood workers. Our designers are unique and you are not going to find such craftily mad e furniture anywhere else!


If you are interested in assembling your furniture yourself then we have flat-packs available as well that you can buy for a very reasonable price. These flat-packs come with detailed instructions that are going to help you in putting together the furniture without encountering any difficulties. If making DIY projects is your favourite past time and working with wood is your passion then again Westwood Furniture has you covered. We offer the DIY tools and parts as well that can come in handy when utilizing your imagination to come up with a chair or an armoire on your own!


Thus, if you are looking to give your home a sophisticated and charming look then visit our website and select your pick from our catalogue of wooden furniture. You are surely going to like what we have in store for you!

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Kevin G. Ryan

My wife was decorating our new home and wanted sturdy wooden furniture for our living room. The furniture supplied by Westwood Furniture fit in nicely with the other decorations and turned our living room in to a palace!

Patricia K. Beckett

I went to the Westwood Furniture website on the recommendation of my friend and found the furniture available there extremely delightful which now graces my office and has had a positive impact on the room’s atmosphere!

Brad H. Simpson

We found the DIY parts and tools on offer at Westwood Furniture’s website very useful in making our first wooden chair. The tools and parts they provided were available for a very reasonable price and have helped us in all of our DIY adventures thus far!
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Quality wood, crafty designs and excellent craftsmanship!
Quality wood, crafty designs and excellent craftsmanship!
Quality wood, crafty designs and excellent craftsmanship!